LZ-48H-K 48VDC Relay 5A 48V LZ-48H-K-UC

LZ-48H-K  48VDC  Relay  5A 48V LZ-48H-K-UC

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LZ-48H-K 48VDC Relay 5A 48V LZ-48H-K-UC

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Hot Sale LZ-48H-K 48VDC Relay 5A 48V LZ-48H-K-UC only US $2.05 from WXFJYLYI Relay products Store


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AC 110V 220V 12V Digital Time Delay Relay Dual LED Display Cycle Timer Control Switch Adjustable Timing Relay Time Delay Switch-17%

US $2.42

US $2.92 
16 Channel Relay Shield Module DC 5V 12V 24V with Optocoupler LM2576 Microcontrollers Interface Power Relay For Arduino DIY Kit-22%

US $9.02

US $11.56 
Solid State Relay SSR-10DA SSR-25DA SSR-40DA 3-32VDC TO 24-380V AC-0%

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US $2.38 
DC 12V LED Digital display Home Automation Delay Relay Trigger Time Circuit Timer Control Cycle Adjustable Switch Relay Module-6%

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10 PCS Mini 5 Pins SRD-12VDC-SL-C Relais Rele Relay 10A 12V DC High Quality S18 Wholesale&DropShip-27%

US $2.23

US $3.06 
1pcs H3Y-2 AC 220V Delay Timer Time Relay 0 - 30 Minute/Seconds with Base-5%

US $2.57

US $2.70 
SINOTIMER Solid State Module Relay DC-DC Single Phase SSR 60A 80A 100A Current 3-32V 5V 12V DC to 5-60V DC Load Without Cover-9%

US $2.39

US $2.63 
CG 10A 25A 40A DA Single Phase DC Control AC Heat Sink 24-480VAC To 3-32VDC SSR-10DA 25DA 40DA Plastic Cover Solid State Relay-41%

US $2.25

US $3.82 
four 4 channel relay module 30A with optocoupler isolation 5v 12v 24v supports high and low Triger trigger for Smart home-11%

US $6.84

US $7.68 
T2302 12V Timing Delay Timer Relay Module Digital LED Dual Display Cycle 0-999 Hours 20A Time Digital Relay Drop Ship-18%

US $2.73

US $3.33 
8 Channels 1NO+ 1NC DIN Rail Mount Interface Relay Module with OMRON G2R-1-E 16A INPUT DC 12V 24V PNP NPN compatible-6%

US $18.79

US $19.99 
TOP BRAND solid state relay SSR-10DD SSR-25DD SSR-40DD SSR-50DD actually 3-32 DC TO 5-60 DC SSR relay solid state-11%

US $4.05

US $4.55 
YJCAL Solid State Relay SSR-10AA SSR-25AA SSR-40AA 10A 25A 40A AC Control AC Relais 80-250VAC TO 24-380VAC SSR 10AA 25AA 40AA-29%

US $3.48

US $4.90 
1PC PCB Circuit board pins Dedicated with Pins SSR-D3805HK 5/8A DC-AC Solid State Relay SSR-D3805HK CZYC-0%

US $2.40

US $2.40 
CN101A LCD time switch 12V 24V 110V 220V Time Relay Street lamp billboard power supply timer WITHOUT waterproof box-11%

US $4.32

US $4.85 
LY2N-J/MY2N-J/MY3N-J/MY4N-J/ relay 220V AC coil high quality general purpose DPDT micro mini relay with socket base holder-0%

US $2.30

US $2.30 
AC100V-220V Adjustable Timer Control Relay Module Turn Off Delay Switch Board For Exhaust Fan-30%

US $2.84

US $4.06 
DC 12V 24V AC 110V 220V Digital Cycle Timer Delay Relay Module with Dual LED Display Time Controller Timing Relay Switch-20%

US $2.39

US $2.99 
5pcs Coil DPDT 8 Pin 2NO 2NC Mini Power Relays PCB Type HUI KE HK19F HK19F-DC5V-SHG HK19F-DC12V-SHG HK19F-DC24V-SHG-10%

US $2.43

US $2.70 
AC 110V 220V DC 12V Digital Time Delay Relay LED Display Cycle Timer Control Switch Adjustable Timing Relay Time Delay Switch-21%

US $3.47

US $4.39 
TOP BRAND DMWD SSR-40DD 40A solid state relay actually 3-32V DC TO 5-60 DC SSR 40DD relay solid state High quality-9%

US $4.09

US $4.49 
Starting Relay RL280 200A 12V 24V 48V 60V 72V Power Car Automotive Relay Big Heavy High Current Load Duty Starter Start Relay-26%

US $2.26

US $3.05 
30A Automotive 12V Time Delay Relay 5S 10S 1MIN 5MIN 10MIN turn off delay relay output turn off after switch turn off-0%

US $3.90

US $3.90 
10pcs JRC-21F 4100 DC Mini Power Relay 6-pin PCB Mount Circuit Board Relays 3V 5V 12V-17%

US $2.60

US $3.13 
Waterproof 12V 5Pin DC AMP SPDT Car Relay 80A Switching Capability with Socket Car Starter Automotive Relay Universal Mayitr-26%

US $3.54

US $4.79 
GEYA GRV8-03 Phase Sequence Relay Phase Failure Relay Din Rail Type 45Hz-65Hz True RMS Measurement Control-46%

US $6.03

US $11.17 
New Car Truck Motor Automotive high current relay 12V/24V 200A 2.4W Continuous type Automotive relay car relays-24%

US $5.84

US $7.69 
2019 New Relay Internet Bluetooth Module Smart Remote Control Mobile Phone Switch DC12V Wireless Relay Module Component-24%

US $3.18

US $4.18 
GEYA GRI8-01 Current Monitoring Relay Current Range 8A 16A AC24V-240V DC24V Overcurrent Protection Relay-36%

US $13.44

US $21.00 
AC100V-220V Adjustable Timer Control Relay Module Turn Off Delay Switch Board For Exhaust Fan-18%

US $2.93

US $3.57 
DC 12V Dual LED Display Time Relay Relay Module Timing Mini LED Digital Timer Relay Timing Delay Cycle Time Control Switch Home-11%

US $2.05

US $2.30 
5 Set DC 12V Car Relays 12 Volt 40A AMP Car Relay & Socket SPDT 5 Pin 5 Wire For Car Truck Alarms Horn Headlight-41%

US $10.14

US $17.18 
5V 12V 1 2 4 8 Channel USB Relay Control Switch Programmable Computer Control For Smart Home PC Intelligent Controller-14%

US $2.01

US $2.34 
220V Intelligent Adjustable Over and Under Voltage Limit Current Protector Relay Reset Protector-5%

US $10.73

US $11.29 
10DA Din Rail Mounting SSR 5 Channels Quintuplicate Five Input 3~32VDC Output 24~380VAC DC Solid State Relay-0%

US $15.98

US $15.98 
1PC Waterproof 12V 80A 5Pin DC AMP SPDT Car Relay + Practical Socket Car Starter Automotive Relay Universal Mayitr-32%

US $3.45

US $5.07 
Temperature Controller Relay Dual Digital LED Display Heating/Cooling Regulator Thermostat Switch-32%

US $2.70

US $3.97 
5 Set 12V DC 40A Car Relay Interlocking Relay & Socket SPDT 5 Pin with 5 Wires 12 Volt For Automobile Truck-43%

US $9.83

US $17.25 
C61F-GP AC220V level relay floatless level switch C61F - GP water level controller switch pump automatically switches with base-10%

US $3.71

US $4.12 
HH64P LY4NJ Electromagnetic Relays Socket Base AC 220V 110V DC 24V 12V 10A Power Relay Switch 14 Pin 4PDT Coil Silver Contacts-36%

US $2.13

US $3.33 
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