Bathroom Automatic Infrared Sink Hands Touchless Free Faucet Sensor Tap Cold Water Saving Inductive Electric Basin Faucet Mixer

Bathroom Automatic Infrared Sink Hands Touchless Free Faucet Sensor Tap Cold Water Saving Inductive Electric Basin Faucet Mixer

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Bathroom Automatic Infrared Sink Hands Touchless Free Faucet Sensor Tap Cold Water Saving Inductive Electric Basin Faucet Mixer

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Cheap Bathroom Automatic Infrared Sink Hands Touchless Free Faucet Sensor Tap Cold Water Saving Inductive Electric Basin Faucet Mixer only US $24.80 from Milling Grandmaster Store


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High Accuracy! JSN-SR04T DC 5V Ultrasonic Module Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor IO Port Waterproof for Arduino-17%

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HCS-LSP 06A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A 50A Hall Current Sensor-10%

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SHT30/SHT31/SHT35 Digital Output Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module IIC I2C Interface 3.3V GY-SHT31-D For Arduino-15%

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GP2Y0A02YK0F Infrared IR Sensor Infrared Proximity Sensor Obstacle Avoidance Detect 20-150cm Distance Measuring With Cable-5%

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Elecrow Electronic DIY Kit Crowtail PH Sensor 2.0 Kit Used to Test PH Value of the Aqueous Solution for Environmental Monitoring-35%

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Gas Sensor Carbon Dioxide Detection Sensor Module CCS811 CO2 eCO2 TVOC Air Quality Detecting I2C Output CJMCU-811 Electronic DIY-10%

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DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor G1/2" Thread Probe DIA=7mm 1m PVC 3-core Wire SUS304 Stainless Steel Shell L30mm- L150mm XJ8-0%

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Waterproof Ultrasonic Module JSN-SR04T Water Proof Integrated Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor for Arduino-19%

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GY-BME280-3.3 High Precision Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Module BME280 for Arduino-10%

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1PCS/LOT Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch 3-80cm E18-D80NK Infrared Sensor Switch-6%

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AM2302 DHT22 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor Module for Diy Kit-0%

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1Pce Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor DHT22 AM2302 Module+PCB with Cable-5%

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AC110V-250V PIR Infrared Motion Sensor LED Light Lamp Holder E27 LED Lamp Base PIR Motion Sensor Switch Light Holder Socket-0%

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6*50mm NTC Thermistor 5K 10K 50k 100k Waterproof Temperature Sensor B 3470 3950 Precision 1% Temperature Sensor Custom NTC Probe-10%

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1PC metal and plastic Sensors Detection LJ12A3-4-Z/BY Inductive Proximity Sensor Detection Switch PNP DC6-36V Hot New Arrival-8%

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1PCS X The strain gauge pressure sensor for high-precision resistor load cell electronic scale sensor 10KG 20KG 40KG-20%

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US $9.00 
5PCS/LOT DHT22 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor AM2302 Module+PCB with Cable for arduino-0%

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US $14.85 
FREE SHIPPING LJC18A3-H-Z/BX 1-10mm Capacitance Proximity Sensor Switch NPN NO DC 6-36V 300mA-0%

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US $4.20 
Free Shipping! EGP1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Power Board PCB bare board eg801 sensor-6%

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1pcs/lot DHT22 DHT-22 AM2302 Digital Temperature and Humidity Temperature Sensor DIY KIT In Stock-14%

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1PCS Original Waterproof DS18b20 temperature sensor silicone ds18b20 temperature sensor 6*50MM SMD Hole DALLAS 18B20 -100cm-8%

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New 220V AC 50Hz Auto Infrared Sensor Switch PIR Microwave Radar Body Motion Sensor Module Adjustable For Time Distance Range-8%

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[BELLA]U.S. Senscomp electrostatic transducer ultrasonic sensor 604142 meter level probe--5PCS/LOT-19%

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High-precision waterproof and high-temperature air temperature and humidity measurement digital sensor SHT30 SHT31-8%

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KEYESTUDIO CCS811 CO2 Carbon Dioxide Temperature Air Quality Sensor for Arduino-0%

US $12.00

US $12.00 
PLANTOWER Laser PM2.5 DUST SENSOR PMS7003 / G7 High-precision laser dust concentration sensor digital dust particles-0%

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US $12.80 
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