JP US NEMA 1-15P 2PIN Plug To IEC320 C7 AC Short Portable Cord 2 Prong C7 Angled 20cm PU Spring Power cable 10-30cm Retractable

JP US NEMA 1-15P 2PIN Plug To IEC320 C7 AC Short Portable Cord 2 Prong C7 Angled 20cm PU Spring Power cable 10-30cm Retractable

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JP US NEMA 1-15P 2PIN Plug To IEC320 C7 AC Short Portable Cord 2 Prong C7 Angled 20cm PU Spring Power cable 10-30cm Retractable

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Hot Sale JP US NEMA 1-15P 2PIN Plug To IEC320 C7 AC Short Portable Cord 2 Prong C7 Angled 20cm PU Spring Power cable 10-30cm Retractable only US $2.38 from Peoples Tech Store


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